Monday, May 31, 2010

An Unusual Love Story

This is part 1 in the Gustav trilogy.

There was a Giraffe named Shelby. She had a long neck and liked to eat leaves (which freaked some people out).
There was also an Elephant named Ralf. He had big ears that he liked to wave and a trunk that he liked to fill with water and shoot at people.
One day they met.
"I think you're kinda special," Shelby told Ralf. "Just like soup."
Ralf thought that was the most romantic thing he had ever heard.
They fell in love and got married.
At their wedding, Ralf told Shelby something.
"I think you're kinda special," he said. "Just like soot."
Shelby was flattered.
While they were riding off into the sunset, they realized something though. They both wanted a child but they weren't sure what this child would be. After all, Shelby was a giraffe and Ralf was an elephant. A normal child a giraffe and elephant do not make.
So they decided to put off having a child.
"I think you're kinda special," Shelby said one day a few years down the road. "Just like sardines."
And with that sentence, Ralf realized that whatever their child was, they would love it all the same.
And a few months later, Shelby was expecting.
They at once panicked. They would love the child but how would the child feel about his strange being and origins?
With nothing to do but wait and prepare themselves, Shelby and Ralf waited and prepared themselves.
When Shelby gave birth, it was to a beautiful baby mustache which they named Gustav.
"I think you're kinda special," they told him. "Just like Santa."
Gustav however, being a baby mustache, had no idea what this meant.
And thus, Gustav, the baby of Shelby the Giraffe and Ralf the Elephant ran away from home to go find a young boys face.

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