Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bedtime Story from my friend Chelsea M.

This bedtime story comes from a beautiful, blond friend of mine. She is very sweet. She wrote this in pink highlighter.

Bedtime Story <3
Once upon a time there was an adorable princess named Emi. She had always longed for a handsome prince who would kiss her. One day while she was coloring a mythical creature named Chelsea, she peered out her window and saw a handsome prince picking blueberries She opened her window, and asked what his name was. Prince James. It was love at first sight. Before they knew it, they were married and rode off in a sparkly purple carriage eating cucumbers and tomatoes.

The End.

It’s so funny how she includes a few random inside jokes, of sorts. I had a crush on a guy named James in high school. And she and another friend are sometimes called Bob and Larry after VeggieTales (Chelsea is Bob. My dad calls her ChelseaBob). Bob is a tomato and Larry is a cucumber so that’s where that comes from. :)

P.S. The two words that are in bold were actually underlined (but I don't know how to underline on BlogSpot). I don't know (or maybe I just don't remember) why she underlined those words.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haha, Teaser

I was flipping through an old notebook from high school and found this little snippet I wrote that applied a story that I tentatively named "Morphine."

“The council lies!”
Silence fell on the room. Finally, a truth was out in the open. Jack and I turned to look at Ophelia. Her expression was unreadable. Retort building in her throat, Ophelia opened her mouth.
“But that’s unheard of. They’re the Council. They are the governors of Lethe. They govern us for a reason.”
“You think that way because you believe the lies! You’re falling right into their traps, Ophelia! Soon they’ll have you totally trapped.”
“How could they even do that?”
I looked to Jack and he nodded.
“Check behind your right ear,” I whispered.
Hesitantly her hand moved and began groping behind her ear. Her mouth opened in a gasp and I knew that she’d found the raised bumps in the hollow behind her earlobe.
“What is this,” she managed, her eyes boring into mine, unsure whether to be afraid or furious.
“Their mark,” Jack said. “We’ve all got one. They’re all slightly different though. It’s how the Council brands us and organizes us. They use a series of needles in some pattern to suck out bits and pieces of us, but also to replace bits and pieces of us. When you accept a position on the Council, you submit yourself to nineteen more needles and they rewire you completely.”
Ophelia looked shocked and her hand was still touching her mark. “Why?” Her voice was no more than a whisper.
“Because they’re looking for answers in all the wrong places. And all they end up with are lies.”
“Then what’s the truth?”

I finished reading and flipped the page, looking for the next sentence. But there isn't one. I think I need to go back to writing this story. It's a good one. ;)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Princess Cardboard

This is a very touching tale and in depth study of how we sometimes fear irrational things; things we have never even come in contact with or, for all we know, don't exist (aliens, for example).

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was deathly afraid of cardboard. Thankfully, it was long before the invention of cardboard and she had little to no idea what it was. However, that didn’t stop her from fearing it somewhere deep in her mind.
The end.