Monday, May 31, 2010

Gustav The Mustache

This is part 2 in the Gustav trilogy

Gustav The Mustache

There once was a mustache. It lived on a very reluctant boy's face. People teased and tormented the boy about his silly mustache. The boy couldn't take it any more. So the boy, Matt was his name, expressed to his trusted sister that he should shave it off. The sister, however, was horrified.
"You can't shave it off," she cried. "It has feelings too!"
Through a very strange series of events, Matt and his sister, Emi, came to an understanding of the mustache. The 'it' was really a he. A he named Gustav. Emi and Matt were amazed at this strange creature living right on Matt's face. Their amazed state was only topped by the surprise they felt when Gustav talked to them.
"You can't shave me off," Gustav said. "I have feelings too!"
Emi and Matt were convinced.
They all became friends with one another and Gustav and Emi even tried dating for a little while. But Matt always seemed to be in the way. So they put their feelings aside, just until they could work something out.
One day, Emi suggested that Matt shave Gustav off and give him to her.
"You can't shave Gustav off," Matt cried. "I have feelings too!"
(Matt didn't tell her that she would look silly with a mustache anyway).
Emi wasn't willing to risk her friendship with Matt just to have Gustav so she let it go.
A few days later, Matt, Emi and Gustav were walking in the park when suddenly Gustav pulled 6 balloons out of Matt's left cheek. They all stared in wonderment. Then, Gustav pulled a teal maker out of Emi's right shoulder. Some snowflake confetti came raining out of Matt's hair when Gustav commanded it to. These were all the things needed to make friends, they realized! Gustav, Matt and Emi all wanted friends.
"We can't shave Gustav off," they all cried. "I have feelings too!"
So at midnight, Matt, Emi and Gustav ran into the middle of the street and threw the confetti around, having some grand confetti-ball fights and yelled "SNOWSTORM" so loud it woke up the entire neighborhood. The residents all came streaming out of their houses. Matt, Emi and Gustav were ready, teal markers in hand to mark the good, friend-worthy people from the zombies.
The zombies weren't too happy about being drawn on, though.
Matt, Emi and Gustav ran toward the pier, hoping to be able to shove the zombies off of it. The zombies quickly overtook them.
Matt and Emi convinced the zombies of the truth, that Gustav had made all the markers and confetti appear.
The zombies were convinced they should shave Gustav off.
"You can't shave me off," Gustav cried. "I have feelings too!"
Emi and Matt were convinced.
The zombies weren't.
The zombies ruthlessly shaved Gustav off.
The zombies celebrated.
Gustav mourned the loss of his life.
Emi mourned the loss of her love.
Matt mourned the loss of his friendly mustache.

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