Monday, May 31, 2010

A Chicken To A Fish

I actually wrote this one WITH my little brother, the same one who inspired the Gustav trilogy. We alternated, each writing the next part of the story. Then I got tired and fell asleep and he finished it off with the brilliant "Chapter Two."

One day a chicken named Von Fabio decided that because he could not fly he wanted to be able to swim. So. Von Fabio went to a well known eatery and purchased a cake. But this was not an ordinary cake. For it contained special ingredients. A condor egg, 2 and a half pounds of diamonds, and a loaf of Gouda cheese. Von Fabio took his strange cake home and put it in his bathtub which was painted all the colors of a bright rainbow! He then got in to this colorful bathtub to start eating his cake. But with rainbows comes rain, as we all know. His shower suddenly turned on!
"Lets run to the dresser for cover!" Von Fabio shouted to no one in particular.
So he ran as fast as he could to the dresser, narrowly dodging some water and then it happened. The water hit the cake!
"Lets run to the dresser for cover!" the cake shouted to no one in particular.
Von Fabio stared at the cake in wonderment as it sprouted fins and swam through the air towards the dresser and floated beside him. But the cake couldn't breathe! He was like a fish out of water! So Von Fabio took it in his hands and ran back to the bathtub. But the water had washed away the rainbow paint and the shower had stopped! No water to be found! But being a fast thinking chicken, Von Fabio ran for the sink!
As he was running the cake started to drip from his hands, the fish said one word to Von Fabio. "Ocean." Von Fabio made it to the sink and knew what to do. As if he were an otter, Von Fabio pulled the cake apart like a sea urchin and feasted! After a minute or so the deed was complete. the cake was gone. nothing happened at first. But then he felt strange. And then he had a sudden craving for water.
"Lets run to the dresser for water!" Von Fabio shouted to no one in particular.
So he did just that. But when he arrived he found not only was it full of cups of water, but there was also a tunnel about his size filled with water. After downing enough water to quench him momentarily, he took some of the cups and turned them into puppets (or cuppets, as some call them). That way he would not have to shout to no one in particular, he could shout to the cuppets.
Then Von Fabio said to the cuppets "Let us journey through the tunnel!" He picked them up and they did just that.

Chapter 2: The Land of Bright Colors
And as they swam, they ooh'd and ahh'd at the beautiful colors in the tunnel. And then there was a bright light ahead. It was a giant cavern! There lay a gigantic ruin filled with statues mostly with their faces missing. One of the crumbling statues looked like it might be a giraffe inscribed with the word "Shelby." Another looked sort of like an elephant inscribed with "Ralf." But one in the center was completely unharmed. He swam closer for a better look. It was a giant fish with the inscription "Von Fabio." As he looked closer at the fish, he gazed into the eye of the statue and could just not look away! He was paralyzed by what seemed to be the beauty of this statue. And he felt like this statue was pulling him in! Joe, one of the cuppets, said "Don't do it! it's a trap!" Another cuppet, Claire, said "Mr. Fabio, whatever you do, don't go towards the light at the end of the tunnel!" But it was too late, after staring at the eye for a while, Von Fabio suddenly sprouted fins, and changed into the shape of the gigantic fish statue!

And this is how a chicken named Von Fabio turned into a giant fish.

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