Monday, May 31, 2010

Davie And The Space Bunyips

I wrote this for my dad, Dave, for Christmas.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Louis. But he went by Davie because his dad's name was Louis too. Davie was a silly little boy with glasses and he could be scary at times but also scared at times.
One year, Davie went to Australia. While in Australia, Davie ate a lot of weird stuff. From shark fin to vegemite, Davie had some tasty-weird food and some icky-weird food. But food wasn't the only weirdness Davie experienced in Australia.
While in Australia, Davie heard about a legend while sitting around a campfire late one night, dingoes howling in the distance. Someone told of the Space Bunyips. The are very similar to their earth counterparts except for two main things: their fur is green and they live in space.
The description of the Space Bunyips wasn't the scary thing, though. The legend of the Space Bunyips was the truly terrifying thing to Davie. He was told that the Space Bunyips, in fits of intergalactic rage, would swoop down in their Bucket-Ships and kidnap unsuspecting boys around Davie's age and harvest their saliva.
Trembling, Davie left the campfire for the comfort of his hotel, keeping an eye on the dark skies for any hints of Bucket-Ships carrying enraged Space Bunyips. But, when Davie reached the automatic doors of his hotel, he stopped watching for a second, instead focusing his attention on opening the doors with his Jedi-mind-force. But, the split second was all the Space Bunyips needed to zap him up into their Bucket-Ship. Knocked out cold, Davie was flown away.
When Davie came to, six Space Bunyips were crowded around him. Terrified, Davie tried to get away but was thwarted by the small confinement and Space Bunyips blocking the exit. Timidly, Davie pleased "please let me go!"
Confused, the Space Bunyips shrugged then the shortest said "th' bukkit haz u."
Still afraid, Davie replied "yes, I see that. But can I leave?"
The Space Bunyips looked sad. Quietly, the shortest one said "th' bukkit haz us 2."
Davie paused, trying to come to terms with what they short Space Bunyip had told him. "Wait. So you guys are prisoners of this Bucket-Ship too?"
Knowingly, all six Space Bunyips nodded. The short one then said "wii wur captured liek pokémanz bai th' eevul Bukkit-Ship liek u, Deyvee."
With this information, Davie and the Space Bunyips set to plotting their escape. After many days, saving their soap rations and practicing their walrus calls, they decided they were ready. They all stood on a tiny table, the Bunyips using their salivating skills to fill the Bucket-Ship with spit. Then they added their saved-up soap. Using very helpful whisks, Davie and the Space Bunyips whisked the saliva and soap into bubbly oblivion. The Bucket-Ship angry with the soapy saliva in it began to look for a place to discharge it's contents. When Davie gave the signal, he and the Space Bunyips started frantically making walrus noises. Suddenly the Bucket-Ship began whimpering and was thrashing from side to side. Davie and the Space Bunyips clung to each other in fear. Relief flooded the disgruntled team of Bunyips and boy as a walrus looked in the Bucket-Ship and saw them.
The walrus set Davie and the Space Bunyips free. After they thanked the helpful walrus, they parted and just barley heard the walrus say "now i haz mai bukkit bak." With that, Davie and the Space Bunyips returned to their homes. But when Davie tried to convince his friends that he was abducted and met Space Bunyips, they didn't believe him. But Davie knew.
The End

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