Monday, May 31, 2010

The Silly Barrette Who Loved Art

This was actually sent off to colleges as my college essay. Please enjoy.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who only wore dresses and skirts if they flew out around her when she twirled. The little girl, Emi, spent her time roaming the skies in search of the perfect idea for an art project.
On her journey through the skies, Emi came across several strange sandals. One was a flip-flop named Danielle. They were fast friends. Later, Emi and Danielle came across a specific purple bag named Jami. They were fast friends, too. The three were the best of friends and toured the celestial art communities together. Emi spent much time doing art one of which featured Danielle as an elf and Jami as a mermaid and another which was a blob drawn on and morphed by various people that helped.

Emi, Danielle and Jami thought of visiting the ever-popular (and elusive) Cloud Nine where people were making the 'American Dream' come true: enough sunshine dust to finance their spacious sky-home. Her soul resistant to the though of the chains of such a mundane purpose in life, Emi continued to do the minimum to get by and continued to follow her dream to pursue art.
One day, passing yet another cloud with a silver lining, Jami asked "how in the four-and-a-half skies do we find the perfect art project idea?" This question stumped Emi; she'd been looking for so long, she'd just about forgotten how to look anymore. However, with some quick thinking, she whipped up an answer within moments. She told Jami and the agreeing Danielle that in order to find the perfect Art project idea, they needed six bugs, enough confetti to fill a pool, lots of people throwing balloons of paint at a canvas and the perfect glass of lemonade. Oh, and God.
Jami and Danielle agreed. Their effervescent friend was right. They set out again, this time heading to a new and unexplored realm through an unknown dark gray fluffy mass. A hedgehog warned them of the danger but they pressed forward, determined to explore part of the sky they hadn't seen before. They snapped cautiously to warn off the terrifying, flying ants. A bright flash blinded the three travelers and a great clap drowned out their snapping. Hard of hearing and near blind, Emi, Danielle and Jami huddled together, moisture thick on their bodies. Suddenly, they were moving and their eyesight and hearing was coming back. They had been moved to a lovely, gray warehouse called Cup of Heaven where six butterflies stood, guarding their king.

Mattatogie, their king, was waiting to question them. "How in the four-and-a-half skies do we find the perfect art project idea?" he asked, desperation staining his voice.
Nine terrifying, flying ants closed in around them. They were named World, Flesh, Temptation, Depression, Hate, Homework, Cuss, Drugs and Math.
Terrified, Emi hurriedly looked around the room. There were 22 watercolor sets, seven lemons, 12 jars of acrylic paint, 95 tubs of glitter and more. The butterflies, called Peace, Joy, Faith, Honesty, Chemistry and Insanity, watched Emi with intensity, awaiting her response.
"By the four-and-a-half skies," she exclaimed, turning to Jami and Danielle. "We've found the perfect art project!"
Quickly, King Mattatogie, his butterfly warriors, Emi, Jami and Danielle rushed to carry out Emi's instructions. The butterflies began squeezing lemons, Emi rounded up the confetti. Jami, Danielle and King Mattatogie prepared the paint filled balloons. As if rehearsed, they each came together on Emi's word, the butterflies passing out lemonade, Emi jumping into a confetti pool and King Mattatogie, Jami and Danielle throwing the paint-filled balloons at one of the walls. As the falling confetti settled, the 9 terrifying, flying ants were nowhere to be seen and the confetti was sticking to the paint covered wall. It was perfect.
"In the four-and-a-half skies," they breathed as they looked at their creation. "We've found the perfect art project idea."
They sat back and sipped their butterfly-prepared lemonade, enjoying their community created art. After all, the perfect glass of lemonade requires personal ingredients: life, sunshine, good friends and art. Their own creation, their own art made it all worth it.

Mattatogie offered the three the chance to stay and continue to pursue art in his institute and Emi readily accepted, eager to expand her horizons and continue to find the perfect art projects.
And so, in short, life is all about finding six bugs, enough confetti to fill a pool you didn't know was there, lots of people throwing balloons of paint at a wall and making the glass of lemonade perfect. Oh, and God.

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