Thursday, August 19, 2010

Red Changes Lives

A beautiful friend (and princess herself), Chelsea, wrote me this beautiful story! With her permission, I present it to you.
P.S. Jared is a boy she met at camp who will be attending the same college as me.

Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess named Emi who wore a red dress. She ventured to Ohioinia for princess college where she studied how to become a princess fashion designer for red clothes. One day on her way to college, she slipped in some red snooberry jello. Before she fell, a handsome young prince named Jared James Earnest the third caught her in his arms. He was wearing red, too. This was love at first sight. Then they got married in a red jello castle with an orange chocolate microwave cake and yellow flowers and lived happily ever after. THE END
by the way- jared looks SUPER good in yellow ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This was started long long ago for a dear friend named ChelseaBob. And today I finally finished it for her birthday. :D So. Here you go! Enjoy!!

Once upon a time, there was a great storm in the land of Noodletopia. This was quite the tragedy seeing as all the buildings and everything had been constructed out of noodles. With their city reduced to soggy pasta, the Noodletopians, lead by their brave king and fair queen set off to find a new home. However, only a few days into this dangerous journey, the quite timid princess of Noodletopia expressed her fear of this unknown newness.
"I'm afraid of this unknown newness," said the princess.
"My dearest Fiori," said her father, King Farfalle. "We must continue on this journey. We have nowhere else to go."
"Please try to stay strong," joined in her mother, Queen Fettuccine. "We are the example for our people. If we have hope, they will too."
So Princess Fiori set her jaw and continued on. On their 5th day of searching, they were presented with a grassland. Being wary and careful to watch out for zebras and warthogs, they journeyed onward. After a long morning of walking and constant fear, everyone was beginning to get a bit paranoid. So they stopped for a quick rest.
Princess Fiori knelt down beside a small pond and took a drink. The water quickly came out her nose when a giraffe started talking to her. The water and the giraffe-fright startled Princess Fiori so much that she got the hiccups (sorry, I'm cheating).
"I'm sorry, my dear" the giraffe drawled. "My name is Shelby and I was wondering why you are here in Sairlind."
Princess Fiori coughed. "What is Sair-hic-lind?"
"Oh, my dear! Sairlind is the name of the grassland you are in! Are you lost?"
"Well, sorta," Princess Fiori answered, fighting her hiccups. "I'm Princess Fiori and my kingdom was -hic- destroyed by rain. So -hic- my family and the villagers are searching for a -hic- new home."
"Well, Princess Fiori. I would be glad to be your guide to a new home!"
And with that, Princess Fiori, still hiccuping, lead Shelby to her mother and father where they continued on their journey.
Somehow, King Farfalle and Queen Fettuccine were not at all surprised to find their daughter leading a talking giraffe to them. They both gladly accepted Shelby and her aide.
"You must stargaze," Shelby instructed.
And so they did.
The next day, Shelby instructed them to play chubby bunny.
And so they did. Reluctantly, though.
And the next day, still in Sairlind, Shelby instructed them to celebrate Princess Fiori's birthday!
"How did you know?" Fiori asked, bewildered.
"I know everything, my dear!"
"Then why can't you tell us how to get out of here?" King Farfalle demanded.
"Well... I... Uh... I was lonely."
So King Farfalle, Queen Fettuccine and Princess Farfalle took pity on her and promised to let her live on the castle grounds as soon as they found a new palace. And so, with this promise, Shelby led them to a new land for them to build a kingdom. They hired workers and asked the neighboring kingdoms for help. One valiant prince offered his help personally. The royal family readily accepted the help of this Prince Matt.
They worked and worked and after a while, their working paid off! They had built a new kingdom and made this one waterproof. They even built Shelby her own giraffe house!
But over the working time, Prince Matt and Princess Fiori fell in love. So, after the new kingdom was built, they joined their kingdoms together. And Prince Matt had an elephant named Ralf! And Shelby and Ralf got married too.
And they all lived happily ever after!
The end.