Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Henrietta

Quite strange backstory to this one. I was on MysteryGoogle and got the mission (this was a long time ago when this was still allowed) to text someone a bedtime story. So I did. She ended up loving both platypus and unicorns so this worked out quite well. I'm not quite sure why it ends in a speaker-less quote but that's how the original was.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful platypus named Henrietta. She was the princess of the Island Kunupkik and spent her time strol
ling about its purple sand beaches. One day, while strolling, Henrietta came across a strange creature laying on the beach of Island Kunupkik. Nervously, Priencess Henrietta poked the odd creature. It bolted upright at once and Henrietta saw that it had a mustache. "Who and what are you?" Priencess Henrietta asked. The mustached creature answered "I am prince Sammie from the Island Deltoidia and I am a unicorn. Who and what are you?" "I am Priencess Henrietta of Island Kunupkik and I am a platypus." they proceeded to walk the beach until the sun set. "Princess Henrietta, let's live happily ever after."

Herald the Worm

This was a bedtime story sent via text message to the lovely Kumar. She is the one who suggested that I make my bedtime stories into a blog.

Once upon a time, there was a worm named Herald. And Herald didn't want to be a worm. Which was sad because you should always wish to be what you are. Anyway. One day, Herald was worming his way around and he stumbled upon a pile of glitter. Well, he didn't stumble. Because I don't think worms can stumble. But Herald thought the pile of glitter was awesome so he stole it. And Herald stored it under his bed! But what Herald didn't know is that he stole magic glitter... And the glitter turned him into a butterfly! You see, magic is weird and glitter is awesome and worms are gross. And the glittery weirdness didn't mix well with Herald's wormness. The end.