Monday, May 31, 2010

The Three Rogues

This is part 3 of the Gustav trilogy

Three rogues wandered a distant galaxy. Mysteries pressed in on them: what was the volume of human node? Why weren't there any Television stickers near them? And were there any answers? Answers were what they sought. The three rogues, two tall, one both short and small, were clothed in long, black, hooded robes that hid their true identities: A young boy named Matt, a young girl named Emi and a young mustache named Gustav. They tramped along the galaxy, looking for answers and pranking people.
"We need answers," Gustav said. "This needs to be resolved."
Gustav was the most roguish of his comrades, you see, for once, a long time ago he was shaved off of Matt's face by vengeful zombies and was only allowed to live by becoming a zombie himself. However, being a zombie, he resented his own life (seeing as his brother zombies had hated him so much in the first place) and tried to do away with himself more than once. But being undead, it was easier said than done.
"We need answers," Matt agreed. "This needs to be resolved."
They trekked further, in hopes of finding a zombie or friendly, teal-marker bearing alien. No hope found them, though, for many moons. They stumbled around on a large rock that was about 71% water as far as surface area went.
Emi walked up to the first living being she found.
"We need answers," she said. "This needs to be resolved." She gestured toward Gustav's cloaked form.
The leaves just swayed in the breeze.
Confused by the life form's lack of response, the three rogues walked in the opposite direction. Gustav turned back, wanting to hurt the annoying life form but Matt and Emi urged him on. They continued to seek life forms that could hold the answers to the questions they had.
They finally reached a city. Matt and Emi were suddenly hit with a wave of familiarity but Gustav only wanted to hit something else. They entered the city and then entered a building. Matt and Emi went up to the counter.
"We need answers," Matt said, pulling back his hood. "This needs to be resolved." He pointed at his face.
The man at the counter flipped a cup around before pouring juice in it. Two watched in wonder while Gustav watched in anger while the man added more things to the cup. A dash of paprika, a book, some lime zest, and sticky notes. The cup's contents were dumped into a blender and then whirred into a blended oblivion. When the machine quieted down, the man poured the mixture back into the cup and slid it to Matt.
Curious, Matt and Emi sniffed the cup. It smelled like cupcakes. Go figure. Content with his sleuthing nose's findings, he sipped.
There was a bolt of lavender lightning and then the lights went out. Everyone in the Juice Bar turned to look at Matt. Matt, however, was flopping on the floor lie a fish.
"We need answers," Emi screached at the man. "This needs to be resolved!"
The man just looked at Matt, a bored expression on his face. Matt continued to flop. A flutter of black cloth fell to the floor but all eyes were glued to Matt. Another bolt of the strange, lavender lightning zipped across Matt's face and, surprisingly, left behind a trail of hair that looked surprisngly like Gustav.
The lights flashed back on.
Matt stood up.
Gustav was not in his cloak.
Matt and Emi stared at Matt's face curiously.
The ingredients, they realized, were all the things they needed to reverse zombie-ism and put a shaved-off mustache back on a boy's face.
Emi hugged Matt.
Suddenly, they knew.
21.6 decibels. They were at the store. Only when you don't expect it.
"We have answers," they concluded. "This is resolved."

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