Saturday, July 24, 2010

Princess Kim and the Flying Cars

This is both a birthday present for a dear friend (sweet little Asian-Kim) and one of my personal challenges (which I clearly fail at). It is a combo of what Kim requested (flying cars that grow mustaches) and a suggested plot from SeventhSanctum.

Once upon a time, there was a distant planet filled with cars. The planet was shaped, oddly enough, like a tea bag. The cars that inhabited this planet endearingly named it Ishnes. The capital of Isnhes is also its most visited town, a very touristy place.
One day, after watching plenty of people pass through his kingdom, the king of Ishness grew angry. "Tazoya!" King Subearl yelled for the royal spineless wigmaker.
"Yes your highness?" Tazoya cowered.
"Make me different," King Subearl bellowed. "Hundreds of thousands visit this place. I want to stand out!"
"H-how shall I accomplish that," Tazoya stuttered.
"Grow me... A mustache!"
"But... Sir."
"Yes! I think a mustache shall do nicely! Now get to work you spineless wigmaker!"
The spineless wigmaker scurried from the room.
Over the next few days, Tazoya tried, erred and tried again to make King Subearl grow a mustache. But it was not to be. King Subearl grew angry and stormed around, coating most everything in the palace with car exhaust. Tazoya grew even more frightened and spineless until it hit him. He would form a fake mustache and stick it on King Subearl. If it didn't fool the king, then it would at least buy Tazoya some more time. Yes. He thought it was a fine plan.
"Your highness! I have completed your mustache work!"
King Subearl was rudely awakened from his vehicular slumber. "Hurrrrruhhh... What did you say, Tazoya? And why the blazes is my lip itchy?!"
"It's your new mustache, Highness!"
"Ah! Yes! Good work," King Subearl praised. "Now get out of my room."
Tazoya left and King Subearl began to comb his mustache. "Ah, my pretty. I shall be the only one on Ishnes to have one of you... No one else shall."
Of course, the peoples (well, cars really) of Ishnes saw King Subearl's mustache and immediately wanted one! Tazoya was getting too many orders to even think of keeping up with.
"King Subearl, I'm getting too many mustache orders to even think of keeping up with!" Tazoya spinelessly moaned.
"Good!" the king bellowed. "I don't want you to make anyone else grow a mustache! I will be the only one with a mustache!"
"What is this I hear?" the lovely and fair Princess Kim asked as she rolled into the grand room.
"Well, I... I just..." King Subearl failed to make a coherent sentence. Princess Kim tended to intimidate people.
"You think you have the authority to place a monopoly on facial hair? I am questioning your sanity, dear father."
Princess Kim was pretty smart.
"I... But... Wait. Huh?"
King Subearl was pretty not smart.
"Well, I just wanted to stand out from the masses of tourists."
"Father, you DO stand out! You are king, after all."
"I suppose you are right, my princess. I suppose you are right."
And so they celebrated Princess Kim's birthday where she drove with only the handsomest princes. And one even asked to marry her! His name was Prince Suju.
And then all the cars on Ishnes discovered this account of their activities and revolted against the author.
But Princess Kim and Prince Suju drove the night away together and lived happily ever after.
The end.


  1. oh emi....i really love this present you gave me :D ^^ I shall treasure it <3 :)

  2. :D! Oh, Princess Kim. I really love this comment you commented me! I shall treasure it! <3