Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Don't get too excited. This isn't a new story. :(
I just wanted to let the o.1141694763111 people that actually read this blog know that I have lots of exciting things in the works!

My newest Self Challange: Princess Kim and the Flying Cars. It's a (late) birthday present for a dear friend.
Then Bertha the Mermaid which I have had the idea for a long time. As well as BellaBeth the Alien.
And then there's Noodletopia which is also for a dear friend.
And then. Princess Jami and the Great Chikin' Battle. Also for another dear friend.
And Javela and the Vampire Gerbils. For another dear friend.
Oh, and maybe the Midday Chronicles of Red. It's about a ginger vampire who falls in love with clumsy and mopey average-girl Ella. Jami's helping with that one.
Anyway. Now you know. If you actually reply and let me know which one you want most, maybe I'll work on getting that one finished up.
So it goes.

<3 and thanks a million for actually reading these!

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