Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creme Brulee

Hopefully the first in a series of challenges. I hope to take a "story" from http://seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=storygen and then flesh it out and write it. Though, for this first one, the hard part was giving it a title.

Once upon a time, there was an erratic chemist. The chemist, a lovely lady named Thalia, was also a princess. She would lock herself away in her tower (all the best princesses have one) and mix and pour and study for hours on end.
One day, Princess Thalia put on a pretty traveling cloak over her lab coat and set off into the village in search of an ingredient she needed. She arrived at the shops and made her way through the various stalls looking and looking for this certain ingredient.
After many stalls and stores, she finally found a stop that looked like it might carry the item she was after. Dipping her head as she entered the store, Princess Thalia began to peruse. She didn’t notice the dark hooded man behind her. But he clearly noticed her.
Finally, at a random time, the hooded man pulled out a dagger and held it to the small of the princesses back. “Come with me, or risk the consequences,” he forcefully whispered in Thalia’s ear.
Frightened as she should be, the princess shot the clerk a frightened look. However, the clerk pretended to not notice and continued to clean the counter. He was quite the unheroic clerk.
Slowly, the hooded man lead Princess Thalia to the exit and then into an alleyway. It was dark, of course. The hooded man quickly blindfolded Thalia and tied her hands behind her back before leading her on again.
After much pointless walking, the hooded man finally removed the blindfold. Princess Thalia quickly surveyed her surroundings, hopelessly searching for an exit. Turning her attention back to the hooded man, she spat “why have you brought me here?”
Ever calm, and quite possibly stupidly so, the hooded man replied “I am an investor. And I am in love with a beautiful girl. I have heard of your chemist talents and I hope to use you to win her love.”
“Why should I help you,” Princess Thalia growled.
“Because I have you kidnapped and you’ll get bored. Plus, I have cinnamon.”
Taken aback, Princess Thalia had to compose herself. “Cinn.. Cinnamon? YOU have cinnamon?!”
“Fine. I’ll do it,” Thalia resolved.
And so she set to work chemisting her chemist things. Mixing, pouring, measuring and more. After hours of slaving away, her work was complete.
Thalia shoved a dish in front of the hooded man. “Here. The perfect creme brulee.”
“And it will win me her heart?”
“Of course! No one can resist the creamy and sweet creme brulee!”
The hooded man had his love sent into the room. She was a pretty girl with smooth hair. She sat at the table and the hooded man pushed the creme brulee in front of her. She took a bite. Shock crossed her face! Then a look of bliss. Thalia smirked. Her creme brulee was famous!
And then the shock continued. The girls face twisted and then puffed up. Then the girl fell out of her chair. Thalia jumped up and checked the girls pulse. Dead.
The hooded man spoke up with a small voice. “Does creme brulee have milk in it?”
“Well, yeah,” Princess Thalia responded. “Hence the CREME.”
“Then that explains it. She was severely lactose intolerant.” He seemed sad. “I didn’t even know her name.”
“Wow,” Princess Thalia said. “You ARE stupid.”
“Anyway, here’s your cinnamon.” And with that, the hooded man sent Princess Thalia, the eccentric chemist, on her way.

The end.


  1. Emi, you're hilarious. You make me laugh!! Cute story!

  2. Miss Brenda! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my very odd story! :D