Friday, July 23, 2010

Once Upon A Wednesday

This beautiful tale was written by a dear friend while we and another friend hung out at a coffee shop wearing mustaches made of construction paper. It was one of the best days of my life and one of my fondest memories. Green/Michael (friend) wrote this story but it stars both me and Jessica/Javela (other friend). I hope that he doesn't mind me posting this here. Please enjoy.
P.S. This is the first story being posted from my NEW LAPTOP! :D
P.P.S. I wish you could see the beautiful pictures that Green drew to go with this story.

Once upon a Wednesday, in The Future! 2 hundred banana spiders set off on a crate of fruit to find the fabled bullfrog of power. But there was a problem... 3 obstacles stood in their way!
1. A blue dragon who breathed poison apples
2. A village of singing rocks (who only sing Katy Parry songs)
3. The cave of mildly bothersome breezes! (Gasp!)
So the 2 hundred banana spiders journeyed to find the bullfrog of power and learn about the art of making caramel apples (Apples!). After flying their fruit crate for a day and a half, the spiders came across the 1st obstacle. Everything grew cold, and the writing changed colors... "Halt!" said a voice. "Who disturbs my slumber party!" said the voice again. The spiders wanted to leave, but their self esteem coach, Ollie the Flying Walrus said, "No! You have to learn how to make caramel apples so that you don't die of hunger." he said. The dragon angered back, "I have apples to spare... Poison Apples!" The dragon laughed a mean laugh, "Ha Ha Ha! Ha!" The spiders took out their prison shivs (I can't read those two words) and stabbed the dragon in the legs. "Ouch! My legs!" said the dragon (in a different color) "I will be nice now suddenly!" "Hooray!" cried the banana spiders and Ollie (also in a different color).
Then they left, and ran into the 2nd challenge! OH NO! The singing rocks were singing loudly Katy Parry songs, and it hurt the ears of the spiders to hear them. "We are rocks" said the mayor of the singing rock village and left. Luckily the 2 hundred banana spiders had prepared for this and deployed their emergency earmuffs, but they had only 174 earmuffs! So 26 spiders died. Oh well, life goes on. SO the spiders and an Orangutan continued on their way to the 3rd challenge. This was the hardest obstacle yet. Color change!
Luckily Emi, Jessica, and Green were there to help them! They blocked the remaining 174 spiders from the breezes in the cave of mildly bothersome breezes! (Gasp!)
"We are bothered!" They yelled. The spiders felt bad that their friends were upset, but not too bad. "Are you ok?" They asked. "Indeed! The breezes are not that bothersome, only slightly so. Our mustaches far outweigh the peril. Ho! Travel onwards our many legged companions!
Finally, the team emerged from the cave. "Thank you!" yelled the spiders. "Away!" Emi, Michael (Green), and Jessica triple yelled back, as the donned their space suits and flew back to their Ice Cream moon base.
The 174 spiders had finally reached the bullfrog of power. "I am the bullfrog of power! Behold my power-ness and fantastic coolness." he croakified.
"We want to learn how to make caramel apples so that we don't starve." The spiders said.
"I wish that I could help, but alas, i know not the secrets of caramel apple making." the B of P cobbed, in a nice green color. The spiders said, "No problem! Do not cry, for we have a self-esteem walrus with us!"
And Ollie coached the bullfrog of power to be happy with his body image, and together thy created the internet, so that they could learn how to make caramel apples!
And then they had a giant party!
The end.

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