Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Henrietta

Quite strange backstory to this one. I was on MysteryGoogle and got the mission (this was a long time ago when this was still allowed) to text someone a bedtime story. So I did. She ended up loving both platypus and unicorns so this worked out quite well. I'm not quite sure why it ends in a speaker-less quote but that's how the original was.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful platypus named Henrietta. She was the princess of the Island Kunupkik and spent her time strol
ling about its purple sand beaches. One day, while strolling, Henrietta came across a strange creature laying on the beach of Island Kunupkik. Nervously, Priencess Henrietta poked the odd creature. It bolted upright at once and Henrietta saw that it had a mustache. "Who and what are you?" Priencess Henrietta asked. The mustached creature answered "I am prince Sammie from the Island Deltoidia and I am a unicorn. Who and what are you?" "I am Priencess Henrietta of Island Kunupkik and I am a platypus." they proceeded to walk the beach until the sun set. "Princess Henrietta, let's live happily ever after."

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