Monday, July 25, 2011

Princess Kim's Korean Drama

Once upon a time, there was a planet full of flying cars. One day, however, a Korean Drama spell was put on the entire planet. All of the cars became people. And Princess Kim was now human. She found herself a prince whose name was Ching-Ching. They were very much in love.
Ching-Ching once told Princess Kim that “from the first day I met you and I looked into your deep, dark brown, doo-doo colored eyes, I knew one thing: I loved you.”
Princess Kim was flustered.
“And I will always love you forever and ever and ever.”
The next day, Ching-Ching came back and told Princess Kim that he didn’t love her anymore and didn’t think she was the one! Princess Kim was shocked and questioned what he had said the day before. He had lied, even though it had only been five minutes. Ching-Ching claimed that things change! And then he bid her goodbye forever. Princess Kim cried.
A week later, Ching-Ching returned! Princess Kim was shocked but happy! She had thought he’d said goodbye forever! But Ching-Ching had lied! He’d forgotten something that he couldn’t live without! Something that he needed in his life and couldn’t believe he’d left behind! He grabbed his slipper off the floor and nuzzled it. He promised to never leave his slipper behind again.
Then he said goodbye forever to Princess Kim again. She cried again.
(Wait, no, somebody has to die.)
“Ching-Ching!” Princess Kim cried as he was shot.
The End.

I take no credit for this story. It is my pathetically lazy Korean-Drama-esque birthday story for Princess Kim that I totally ripped off the plot, name, and even some dialogue from Nigahiga. From this video:

Happy birthday, Kimish! <3 Maybe next time your story won’t be such a rip-off.

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