Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Princess Danielle and the Ocelot

Once upon a time there was a very ambitious princess. Her name was Danielle. Princess Danielle took many classes from her private tutors and worked very hard to do well in her studies. She also captained the kingdom’s enthusiasm dance group and worked in the palace kitchen making delicious coffees and other tasty beverages. All while having to deal with the numerous princes trying to court her and finding time to spend with her best friends, Princess Danae, Princess Chelsea, Princess Summer, Princess Liz, and best of all Princess Emi. As you can see, Princess Danielle was very busy!
Often Princess Danielle was found bustling from activity to activity; always busy. She would lay all her school books out on her bed and study until, frequently, she fell asleep in the middle of them. She ran from some activities to others, just to save time. It was getting out of hand. But Princess Emi, the eldest though not exactly the wisest of Princess Danielle’s princess friends, had a plan.
When the perfect opportunity arose, Princess Emi came bursting through the palace doors yelling for Princess Danielle and the palace medics. When Princess Emi had medics and Princess Danielle in tow, she bolted for the edges of the palace garden. Once there, the emergency was clear. A young ocelot lay wounded at the edge of a fountain. Princess Danielle took on the responsibility that Princess Emi knew she would. She arranged for the ocelot to be bandaged up and given a bed next to her own so that she could oversee the healing process.
Though time seemed to pass slowly, Princess Danielle was busier than ever. She studied, worked, danced, hung out, and somehow found time to play with the healing ocelot. Gradually, Princess Danielle began to fray. All the activities were wearing her out. Princess Emi was saddened by this rough, but crucial step in her plan.
One day, she cracked.
Princess Danielle uncharacteristically slammed glasses on the table, threw her books and blew off her friends. She locked herself in her room and fell onto her bed, too angry and exhausted to care about anything. The startlingly silver ocelot that had been named Tinsel jumped up next to her and meowed. Too tired to move, Danielle let Tinsel lay down with her.
Two hours later, Princess Danielle woke from her nap. Tinsel hadn’t moved. There was food and water sitting on the bedside table and Danielle decided she wasn’t so exhausted that she wouldn’t eat. She decided to share the meal with Tinsel. They munched in silence. When they finished, Princess Danielle pulled a ribbon out of her now-messy hair. Tinsel pounced on the trailing end. Amused, Princess Danielle and Tinsel played with the ribbon for quite some time.
“You know, Tinsel, I think I could learn a lesson or two from you.” Princess Danielle had taken a nap, neglected her studies, ate, and played with childish abandon. “I think you taught me that everything is good in (I forget what word should go here so I’ll use this one till I remember the right one) portion moderation. Some school is good but overloading isn’t. Friends are fantastic, but not all the time. Work is fun but it can’t be my life. Thank you, Tinsel.”
Princess Danielle and Tinsel left the princess’s bedroom and fell back in with palace life routine though Tinsel made sure to keep Princess Danielle in check.
And that is the story of how Princess Emi planned to change her friend though she didn’t know quite how well it would work.
The End.

This is for my dearest, bestest Friend Danielle who is a princess to me, if not everyone. She is very driven and taking 6 classes this year in high school all of which are honors or AP. She works at a coffee shop and is Cheer Captian. She has a boyfriend named Mich and is quite popular. I don't know how she finds enough hours in the day and I (semi)firmly believe that taking it down a notch would be just fine and beneficial for her.
Most all of the things in this story are true. She is friends with all those people and her brother just got a cat named Tinsel. She also had surgery.
Though... She hasn't learned to take time off quite yet. I'm hoping this story will help.
Oh! If you want a picture of a silver ocelot kitty that I imagine this Tinsel in the story would look like, there's one here -> http://media.photobucket.com/image/silver%20ocelot%20cat/missymotus/freewebs%2520-%2520breeding/Malika-1.jpg
Well. Dearest Danielle, here is your birthday story almost a full month late. But! I hope that it serves you well, teaches you a lesson, and, most importantly, makes you smile.
Love you lots, Danielly-smelly! <3

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  1. That's a sweet and thoughtful story. :)

    (and I think the word you're looking for is "moderation." ;) )