Saturday, January 29, 2011

Princess Alpie and Ay'm

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Alpinayniya. She had beautiful wavy hair that was iconized throughout the kingdom. Princess Alpinayniya, or Princess Alpie as her friends called her, was fascinated by the written word. Hours were spent pouring over tome after tome and the palace library was one of her favorite places.
One day, Princess Alpie discovered a story about silverware. It was a tragic tale of love found, love lost, treachery and heartache. Princess Alpie LOVED it. Soon after this tale was well known as the princess’s favorite and an invitation to meet the author found its way to the princess.
Thrilled with the opportunity, Princess Alpie jumped on the idea and set off to see this author. She traveled days with a few friends and plentiful provisions in tow. They traveled through forest and grasslands, through rivers and almost down a tree (but that is another story entirely). Then they finally made it to the author’s location.
Princess Alpie found herself staring at a squat little sprawling manor that wove its way into and out of the little hills it was in. She rapped thrice at the door. A few seconds later a squished little furry sort of fellow poked its head out. Upon recognizing Princess Alpie, it bowed. The creature introduced itself as Ay’m the she-gremlin and weaver of the princess’s treasured tale. Princess Alpie and Ay’m talked the evening away until night fell and the group spent the night in Ay’m’s sprawling, and highly technological, adobe.
But when they awoke, the princess’s carriage had been dismantled! The blame turned to Ay’m as gremlins are known for dismantling things. Ay’m fervently protested, claiming that she didn’t touch the carriage. While the horsemen and palace guards went to work putting the carriage back together, Princess Alpie and Ay’m searched for the evildoer.
Two days later, the carriage was restored to its glory and Princess Alpie and Ay’m had located the culprit! It had been S’ule, a gremlin who had watched the Princess’s caravan pass and couldn’t resist the opportunity to dismantle a palace coaches. With Ay’m’s name cleared, Princess Alpie and her friends warmly invited Ay’m to the palace to spend time with them.
Ay’m graciously declined but promised that she would visit soon. Princess Alpie promised to hold Ay’m to her promise and the two tearily departed ways, clinging to the promise that they would soon be reunited.
The End.

And you can be happy with the promise that this will almost certainly have a sequel!

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  1. This is fantastic!! Just don't start calling me Alpinayniya...Alpie is good enough for me. ;) I can't wait to see my favorite she-gremlin soon!