Sunday, November 21, 2010

Princess Haylie and the Sea Shells

Once upon a time there was a princess named Haylie. But Princess Haylie was very shy so she spent her time roaming the beaches searching for seashells. Her kingdom, Anaidna, was located on a beach. They fished and exported salt and jewelry made from the plentiful shells. But Princess Haylie turned the shells she collected into her friends. She took them skiing, hang gliding, and fed them raisins. They had a grand old time. But one day, Princess Haylie found a shell that was far prettier than the rest of her collection, she decided it was a boy shell and made it the prince of her shell-friends.
Over time, this prince shell became her favorite. One day, it spoke to her. It said "Hello, you are very kind. Please help me."
Princess Haylie promptly fainted, When she came around, the prince shell was more cautious when he spoke again. "Hello. Don't be alarmed. I am Prince Carlos. You are very kind to have saved me."
Princess Haylie was curious but cautious when she replied "what are you? Why can you talk?"
"I am actually a prince turned into a seashell by an evil warlock in my mountain kingdom of Odarloc. The warlock, Mortimer, wanted me to be never heard from again though he was mystically forbidden from killing me. Your kindness has given me the strength to speak again."
Princess Haylie and Prince Carlos continued to speak and they became true friends. Princess Haylie one day asked what she could do to go about restoring Princes Carlos to his human form.
"The spell can only be broken by bathing me in Apple Cider and obtaining a Sherpa Hood before seeking out Mortimer."
"Well, what do you do with the Sherpa hood?"
"I'm not sure," Prince Carlos replied, confused.
"Well, we should get going, then."
Princess Haylie went and asked the castle chef for a glass of warm Apple Cider. while the chef prepared that, Princess Haylie went to the tailor in residence what he knew and could do about a Sherpa hood. The tailor, though befuddled as to the reason the princess would need such a thing, he agreed to make one for her. Princess Haylie took the cider to Prince Carlos and let him bathe. Then, when the tailor brought the Sherpa hood, the two sneaked out of the castle to the stables where they mounted Princess Haylie's magical pony extraordinaire, Jinxie.
After many hours of riding, they had made their way to Mortimer's tower. They knocked tentatively.
“Who dares disturb my enjoyment of roasted marshmallows?” a voice boomed from inside.
Princess Haylie gulped. “Are you sure this is the only way, Prince Carlos?”
“I’m afraid it is, Princess Haylie.”
And so they answered Mortimer. He quickly let them inside.
“How do I break this curse,” Prince Carlos asked.
“I don’t know,” Mortimer said.
Princess Haylie cried. “I love him! But I can’t very well tell my parents that I’m in love with a shell!”
Prince Carlos was dumbstruck.
Mortimer was baffled. “You love this sorry excuse for a prince?”
“With all my heart.”
“They I’ll tell you what you need to know. The curse can’t be broken. Not until the moon is full while a chicken coats popcorn in soggy leaf paste.”
“I don’t believe you,” Princess Haylie cried. “Change him back!” She picked up a candle off the floor and held it to Mortimer’s chest.
“Alright, alright! Just put him on the table.”
Princess Haylie set Prince Carlos down on the table and Mortimer arranged some hairs, lint, cheesy chips and rasins around him. “Jabbaloo kiggup sniveralak,” Mortimer chanted. “Reegerv Malaga reconstituted noodle!”
And suddenly Prince Carlos was covered in a swirling green mist. After Princess Haylie cried out and fanned most of the mist away, a very handsome human Prince Carlos was left in place of the personified shell. They threatened to dip Mortimer in a vat of boiling ketchup if he ever used magic in a bad way again. Then they left. Prince Carlos proposed, Princess Haylie accepted and they lived happily ever after.

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