Friday, September 17, 2010

Princess Gini and the Gummy Bears

This was written for a dear friend's 19th birthday. I do hope that she enjoys it! I wrote this all in one sitting (quite rare) and probably in under 15 minutes (rarer still). So. 1:30am does good things for my brain, I guess.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Gini who lived in the grandest of kingdoms accurately named Grandeststand. She had long blonde hair and soft green eyes and she loved to write. One day, in her favorite garden, Princess Gini entertained herself by blowing bubbles. Her favorite way to blow them was to take the biggest bubble wand, dip it in then twirl around and watch the bubbles surround her. However, Princess Gini wasn’t alone. A gummy bear was watching her! When Princess Gini realized this, she called the gummy bear out of hiding. He introduced himself as Grrfurl. They blew bubbles together.
After a few weeks of friendship, Grrfurl shared with Princess Gini why he was in her garden. He explained that he had run away from home because his land, Spoonwarts, was being terrorized by people who ate gummy bears! Outraged by this horror, Princess Gini set out on her horse, Willow, with Grrfurl to reclaim Spoonwarts for the gummy bears.
The trek was long and the hills were mediocre, but somehow Princess Gini found the courage to keep going. When the dynamic duo finally made it to Spoonwarts, Princess Gini was appalled at what she saw. What Grrfurl told her was true! People WERE eating Grrfurl’s people! Princess Gini pulled out her bubbles and began to capture the villainous fiends inside of shiny, spherical prisons. The leader was singled out and Princess Gini began her plan for reform.
But when Princess Gini first saw the leader, she swooned so fiercely she almost fell over! He was atrociously handsome! After overcoming her mysterious attraction to the brute, she began small talk to get things rolling. She introduced herself and learned that he was Prince Haree, the only heir to Santabelly, the kingdom neighboring her own. She reasoned with the leader day and night but couldn’t seem to get him to understand.
Finally, on the third day, she got through to him. She explained that while, yes, gummy bears can be eaten, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have lives and wives and loves and fun all their own! Prince Haree finally understood. He agreed to stop the ruthless genocide of the gummy bears and promised to never harm Spoonwarts again.
Prince Haree was freed and Grrfurl decided to stay with his people. So Princess Gini headed home. However, Prince Haree was headed the same way. And, DUH, they decided to travel together. On their long, mediocre-hill filled trek home, Prince Haree decided that Princess Gini was beautiful, had nice eyes, a good laugh and made some pretty awesome cheese-covered bagles. So he asked her to marry him.
Overcome with feelings of fluff and flaph, Princess Gini agreed on one term: Prince Haree must promise to only wear black and green socks. And he must buy her a ring that looked like a tiara. Because they’re pretty much awesome.
The wedding took place within at least a year. And then they lived happily ever after in their combined kingdom of Santastand. Or maybe Grandestbelly. Whichever.
The End.

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